Oct 30 2023

Give a Girl a PAD (Hygiene Drive)

A major initiative of ours is Give a Girl a PAD (Hygiene Drive). The purpose of this campaign is to ensure girls have access to essential hygiene products, especially sanitary pads. It is our belief that every girl should be able to manage her menstrual hygiene with dignity and without hindrance to her education or well-being.

The lack of sanitary pads in many communities can cause girls to miss school during their menstrual cycles, which has long-term consequences for education and self-esteem. We aim to change this narrative with our ‘Hygiene (Pad Drive)’ campaign.

Our goal with this campaign is to provide sanitary pads as well as educational materials about menstrual hygiene to disadvantaged girls. With these essential resources, we enable girls to stay in school, pursue their dreams, and maintain their health and dignity.

Ensuring girls have access to pads is crucial, but our campaign goes beyond that. We aim to foster confidence, break down barriers, and promote gender equality. We firmly believe that supporting girls’ hygiene needs is a step towards a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Join us in making a difference! Together, we can ensure that no girl is held back by something as fundamental as her menstrual cycle. Support our ‘Hygiene (Pad Drive)’ campaign and be a part of the change we’re making in the lives of these girls.

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